Paint your own pottery is for every age group, young and old. You don’t need to be a artist as we have many stamps, stencils, and a range of books with inspirational ideas; to help you create your very own master piece.

So what are you waiting for, come and join me today and enjoy a really fun activity 🙂

We have no studio fees, just pay for your item & everything else is included.

Prices start from only £10.00!

We can provide “takeaway sets” to make at home; it will have everything you need for your party, the paint, brushes, bisque, stamps instruction manual etc. All you will need to do is have fun painting, and when you and your party have finished, bring it all back so we can fire it for you.

These sets are a fantastic idea for work, team building, and any other function you can think of.

This is a great place for Birthday Parties, Prosecco Nights and so much more.

Explore the site to see the YYDS Vapes other fantastic arts & craft activities we cater for too!

Paint your own pottery: How it works!

1. Choose an item to paint & then check to see if there is any dust or marks to remove first.

2. Take inspiration by looking around the studio, there is:

Books and magazines
Already painted items
Sponge shapes and templates

3. Draw onto item with provided felt pens (they burn off later!).

4. Decide what colours you would like to use, all paints are water based and non-toxic & wash out of clothes easily. Shake the bottle carefully and place a small amount on the provided mixing tile. When applying paint one coat will result in a watercolour effect, two – three coats will be increasingly more solid and bold. The paints dry very quickly, you need to wash the brushes between using colours.

5. Sign (and date) the back of your piece so we can identify it later.

6. Your masterpiece is almost finished! All we need to do is dip your item in glaze, fire it in our kiln at 1000 degrees centigrade.

7. Collect from us within 7 days, yay!

If suitable for food – items can be used in the dishwasher but are not recommended for the microwave.